Success Stories

  • Kevin Willis

    "From having no dance skills to where my confidence is today after just Level 1 and Level 2 in the Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamp Series, looking back is just incredible."

    I was born a shy Caucasian with two left feet and no sense of rhythm. After taking Gabriela's Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamp, I have a new found confidence and outlook on life. I have recently moved to Miami, changed my name to Ricco, and spend my nights hustling old ladies out of their 401K accounts. Just kidding! But seriously, after learning to dance, life couldn't be better.

    Before taking Gabriela’s Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamp, I would have only watched from the side lines, thinking the steps were just too difficult. But the steps and the drills are broken down and repeated so that you can move easily from one level to the next. And they are presented in a fashion that is easily recalled on the dance floor. Equally important, Gabriela's energetic personality and enthusiasm moves the class along at a brisk pace that keeps your attention.

    From having no dance skills to where my confidence is today after just Level 1 and Level 2 in the Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamp Series, looking back is just incredible.

    Thanks to you Gabriela for your patience and skills.

    - Kevin Willis

  • Carmen Gonzalez"So far, my most significant improvements are styling, spinning technique, and the self-confidence that her Salsa Divas Performance Class has given me. Finding Gabriela and taking dance classes from her has been a great experience." 

    It is a challenging and comforting dancing experience at the same time for me. I find it challenging because her moves are always fresh, stylish and classy with lots of rhythm. And I also find it comforting because of her friendly disposition and confidence which is perfect for us ladies who need professional instruction and a female model/coach.

    My styling definitely improved after taking her Get Sexy Now Ladies Styling Class along with learning new moves. Then I took her Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamp, and I was able to put it all together in practice with a male dancer in addition to learning new salsa dance combos.

    Finally, I became a member of her Salsa Divas Performance Class which is a continuous thrilling adventure. Divas classes were exciting from the start, from practicing the routine foot work, learning sexy moves, poses and styling to planning our performance dress as a group, make up, and of course culminating with several performance presentations. It is just an amazing, exciting experience!

    I want to thank you Gaby for sharing your many dancing/performance talents, but a special thanks to your “Salsa Divas Performance Class”.

    Keep up the good work and keep creating sexy Divas!

    - Carmen Gonzalez

  • Matt JohnsonGabriela is a fantastic Salsa Instructor.  Her group classes are active and demanding, and her private lessons really focus on the trouble spots in my dancing.

    Before working with her, I was a pretty good Salsa Dancer, with a firm grasp of the basics and a few fancy steps.  Since I've started learning from her, my Salsa dancing has improved, in more than one way.  I'm much more capable of mixing up the combinations I've learned, my footwork, shines, and technique are overcoming my natural clumsiness - I finally feel like I'm dancing the steps rather than mechanically executing them, and I've gotten a good grasp of spinning.

    After taking lessons with her for some time, seeing her perform her own choreography, and dancing with her both locally as well as at out-of-town events, I knew that she would be the right choice to teach me and my partner our own choreography to perform.

    She was incredibly helpful in preparing us to perform, very flexible in scheduling lessons with us, and provided us with all the tools we needed to put together a great performance as well as learn it, practice it, and polish it in time to perform it.

     - Matt Johnson
  • Gary Counts“I have the self confidence to enjoy dancing, which is what I’ve always wanted to do, thanks to Gabriela and the Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamps.”

    “I have greatly enjoyed taking the Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamps with Gabriela and Carlos. It is a very fun and fast paced environment that facilitates exactly what it says, “to get freaking good fast”.

    I was looking for a way to learn some dance moves so that I would feel comfortable on the dance floor with the ladies, and Gaby and Carlos have come up with the winning strategy.

    Before working with them I was dreading taking formal ballroom dance lessons because I didn’t have a good partner, but with the Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamps, it’s very exciting, and there are others looking for the same thing: to improve their skills.

    Since taking the Bootcamps I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my dancing, style, and technique. Now I know how to spin and lead my partner through some fancy footwork.

    And I have the self confidence to enjoy dancing, which is what I’ve always wanted to do, thanks to Gabriela and the Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamps. Oh and PS, Carlos provides a ton of comic relief that always keeps it interesting.”

    - Gary Counts

  • AzizI've always liked and wanted to dance Salsa, but I wasn't able to enjoy it because I didn't have the chance to learn the right detailed techniques and tricks until I met with Gabriela and worked with her.

    Gabriela's Boot Camp opened my eyes to many tricks and skills that I don't normally notice when I see someone dancing. I made a lot of friends after joining her class, and that's what salsa does, it’s a mix (salsa) of all nationalities and people anywhere and everyone end up as a family. My dancing skills have improved significantly after working with Gabriela such as double and triple spins, leading properly, footwork, and lots of fancy moves and combos. I encourage anyone who wants to learn salsa to work with Gaby, she is a humble, enthusiastic, inspiring and professional Salsa Instructor.

    - Aziz

  • Danielle SmileyLet me begin by saying that I have truly enjoyed Gabriela! I have been a part of her Salsa Divas Performance Class/Group since its beginnings and have loved it! Before working with Gabriela, I had been dancing socially for just over a year and was still gaining my bearings on the dance floor. I absolutely loved to dance and was learning every time I was on the dance floor, but I was always yearning (as I still am J) to grow more quickly and become more confident  with my dancing. Being involved with the Salsa Divas has helped me with accomplishing just that! Both my styling ability and dance floor confidence have increased!

    But that wasn’t the only benefit of being a part of the Salsa Divas. The idea of having a group of ladies join together to dance is just super fun and fabulous! Huntsville had never had a ladies styling group prior to Gabriela beginning hers, so it was definitely a fresh representation of and welcomed presence in the Salsa scene. The friendships that have come from her class/group are still yet another reason why it’s been such a great experience.

    The best way I can culminate my experience with Gabriela is this: THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!!

    - Danielle Smiley