Wednesday, 26 February 2014 02:10

Why Cardio Ballroom?

The short answer…..because it’s so amazingly FUN! And the work out is great too! The long version…In a nutrition book I read recently the author kept saying “you need to be properly fueled so that you can enjoy your work out”. And I thought, enjoy your workout, who is she kidding!! There are people out there who actually enjoy their workout? That seemed so outrageously crazy to me, a bit like if someone would have told me that the moon is actually made of gold. As if spending an hour on the treadmill could ever be enjoyable, much less fun. Unbelievable!
But then I started thinking about this a bit more, after I got over the shock of course. Have I ever really enjoyed any type of work out? I know I have to do it, and I have spent countless hours on a treadmill. But aside from that has there been any other type of workout that I have truly enjoyed….after thinking long and hard, fortunately for me, the answer was YES! Back when I lived in LA (not too long ago), I stumbled upon this class Cardio Ballroom, and I thought great, another dance fitness class with “wanna be” dance steps in a plain repetitive sequence, but what caught my interest is that it was taught by the legendary Louis Van Amstel, amazing International Latin Champion and one of the pros in the famous show Dancing with the Stars. So I thought I would give the class a try just to have a chance to meet Louis Van Amstel. Well let me just say that the class was soooo good that I was hooked, and meeting Louis was definitely the icing on the cake. What I loved about the class is that we were actually dancing! It didn’t feel like your typical aerobics class. We actually learned a little and fun choreography in each of the dances, cha cha, samba, jive, salsa, etc, and we would dance our little hearts out! Talk about getting a great workout because since we pretty much danced the whole time, and some of the dances such as jive are pretty intense, it just provided one of the better aerobic exercises I had experienced in quite some time. So let me just say that the class was so good I would drive at least an hour depending on the traffic just to attend the class. One of the many reasons I started dancing in the first place is because it’s so much fun, and I just fell in love with it, so dancing full out for an hour just felt like such a treat and so liberating because by the end of the class any stress or worries had melted away. As a result, I have come to the powerful realization that exercise doesn’t have to be torture, you just have to go with what you like. Because any type of exercise is good as long as it’s coupled with good nutrition so that you get the most benefits from it. So now I am introducing Cardio Ballroom to Huntsville for those who want a fun alternative to the dreaded treadmill but still want a great workout! Check out my calendar of events for times and locations around town. Let’s Dance