Meet Gabriela

gabriela-gonzalezHi, I’m Gabriela Gonzalez, and I believe that we all have unique gifts, talents, and strengths. And I further believe in showcasing, enhancing, and developing your unique skill set so that you will reach your full potential and dance at your very best.

I love dancing, and one of the many many things that I love about it is the whole vibe and energy of being around dancers and of seeing their individual styles, flares, and personalities expressed through dancing and reflected in their every move. It is so much fun to watch because you can see how much they are enjoying themselves, and it makes one want to jump up there and start dancing.

My style is elegant, bold, fun, with a bit of daring, and a hint of sassy and sexy, love fast turns, and moves that make you go, wow!

What’s your style? Whether you know already or are on your way to discovering it, I will focus on designing a program that works best for you, your personality, your skill set, your learning style, and your life style.

By taking a strategic approach in this way, you will also be saving time and money in the long run because achieving your dance goals will be a breeze, a super fun and enjoyable breeze!

Sign up for your free initial 30 minute consultation, where I will learn all about you, and together we will map out the road to achieving your dance goals in the very best possible way.